Our Team at 3CL

3CL is comprised of seasoned veterans, investors and entrepreneurs from leading African and global companies, who bring not only deep domain expertise, but also hands-on operating experience to the companies we partner.

Our experience and skill enables us to leverage on a large network of qualified and experienced professionals from around the globe in meeting your needs. This team continues to share the values of stewardship, excellence and long-term relationships on which 3CL was founded.

Our team is available to help, offering holistic approach to identifying opportunities for extracting value from your existing investments, providing due diligence and advice on simple and complex transactions.


We have taken African businesses and pointed them toward the direction of growth and sustainability. Bridging the gap and
helping African business owner and entrepreneurs tap into their potential is why we are here. It is what we stand for

- E.Ohiowele

Advisory | Structured Financing | SME Business