Our Services at 3CL

Centric Capital Consulting Ltd (3CL) is an investment advisory and strategic consulting company that provides pragmatic and practical solutions to the business needs of our clients. We also assist these clients to enter and operate in emerging market economies/new businesses. Our core competencies revolve around advising on strategies for venture capital, corporate restructuring, business repositioning & attractive entry points for investment in different business areas/emerging economies.


A focal point of (3CL) is the business advisory services it provides small and medium business owners and managers in resolving their unique, day-to-day management challenges. Whether you're an experienced small business owner or thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, (3CL) works with firms that are planning expansions or explorations of new business opportunities and with firms that are experiencing operational or financial difficulties.

Our Business advisors can help:

  • Develop and update business plans.
  • Identify and help you apply for sources of capital.
  • Assist in developing marketing strategies to expand your customer base.
  • Set up record-keeping systems.
  • Analyze and improve financial performance.
  • Conduct research on a variety of topics geared to the specific needs of the business owner.
  • Manage a wide range of projects from start to finish.

The starting up, day-to-day operation and orderly development of your business can all present their fair share of challenges. No matter what stage your business has reached we can offer services to suit your needs. Our Business Advisory Services team provides “nuts and bolts” one-on-one services that stand behind our slogan. We continually exceed the business' objectives through the ability to establish and develop an excellent rapport with partner companies.



  • Human resource management and placement.
  • Financial management/reporting.
  • Corporate Business Modeling.


  • In-market itinerary assistance.
  • Human resource management and placement.
  • Financial management/reporting.
  • Corporate Business Modeling.


  • Mergers, Acquisition and privatization..
  • Project management.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Strategy formulation and execution: Bespoke and in-depth strategy formulation on behalf of clients.
  • Market Intelligence: Capturing key market and business information.
  • Market Entry Execution: Execution of initial market entry strategy.
  • Research and Analysis: Bespoke research, and business, political and economic analysis for businesses/ emerging economies.
  • Risk Assessment: Evaluating market, project and business risk.
  • Market Entry Strategies: Comprehensive market entry strategies.
  • Corporate Representation/Presentations: Representing companies in emerging economies.
  • Training and visoning.

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