About Centric Capital Consulting Ltd. (3CL)

The word centric in Latin means “the source from which ideas originate.” Centric Capital Consulting Ltd (3CL) was founded by a group of African Investors and Entrepreneurs after a careful study of the African business / financial landscape which identified existing gaps / emerging business opportunities in various sectors/countries. It was established with a view to bridging the gaps and tapping into / from these opportunities, to create value for its clients. (3CL) has its head office in Lagos, Nigeria and business partners/alliances all over the globe.

(3CL) is recognized as a pioneer firm, whose focus is to add value to African businesses, by partnering with such businesses, and introducing cutting edge advisory, and management services, backed up with linkages to sources of financing, with a view to turning around such businesses and growing them strategically for continental and global presence, through active alliances, and hands – on participation.

(3CL) partners with promising start-up companies, as well as early stage and later stage companies across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries in Africa, supporting them with capital, technology and management, and a global network of potential development partners. We are active in sustaining these companies throughout their early critical years, from seed to later stage investment. We are also Limited Partners in institutional venture capital funds in the US, Europe, Canada and Africa. We work closely with these funds, sharing mutual deal flow, due diligence, and often side-by-side investments. Through these global activities, we have developed a wide-reaching network of other investors and entrepreneurs who are pursuing activities in markets and technologies which complement our own. We bring this wide collective experience to the successful development of local and African companies.

The possibilities are endless for African businesses.

That is why we are here to help you tap into this opportunities and drive your business potential into a sustainable growth through our unique services – developed just for you.

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